Shamama Alasgarova

Shamama Mammadkarim gizi Alasgarova was born on March 8, 1904 in Iravan, and received her first education at the gymnasium. Shamama graduated from the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute in 1941 and was sent to the front. Then, during the war years, she was the head of the department and head of HR at the People’s Health Commissariat of the Azerbaijan SSR.

In 1945, Shamama was appointed the chief physician of the clinical maternity hospital No. 5 named after Mrs. N. Krupskaya and held that position until the end of her life – 1977. Thanks to her high organizational ability, the maternity hospital became the largest treatment-prophylactic facility of the republic and gained wide fame across the former Union.

Shamama Alasgarova’s researches are mainly dedicated to protecting the health of mothers and children, treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases. She actively participated in measures against malaria and helminthiasis in the republic.

Articles about Shamama khanum were regularly published in the periodicals “Pravda”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, “Izvestia”, “Baku” and other central organs.

In 1958, Shamama khanum was awarded the honorary title of “Healthcare Specialist”, and two years later “Honored Doctor”. On February 5, 1969, Shamama Alasgarova was awarded the title of “Hero of Socialist Labor” for her services. She was the first healthcare worker to be awarded this title in the republic.

Shamama Alasgarova was elected deputy of the 9th convocation of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan SSR, awarded with “Lenin”, “Badge of Honour ” orders and medals.

The famous doctor Shamama Alasgarova died in 1977.

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