Novlar was a village in the territory of the Sharur-Daralayaz uezd of the former Iravan governorate, later in the former Keshishkend (Yeghegnadzor) district, and present-day Vayots Dzor province. It was located near the village of Goytul, at the foot of Daliktepe Mountain and on the lowland of Pashaduz.

The village was solely inhabited by Azerbaijanis – 71 in 1873, 100 in 1886, 179 in 1897, 285 in 1904, 313 in 1914 and 217 Azerbaijanis in 1916. The Azerbaijanis were attacked, massacred or expelled from the village by Armenian armed formations in 1918. The village was abolished in 1920. At present, it lies in ruins.

The toponym was coined by adding the plural ending “–lar” to the word “nov” meaning in Azerbaijani “a canal, an irrigation ditch”.