Imanov Khansuvar Abbas oghlu

“I was born in 1937 in Gighi village of Gafan district. There were only Azerbaijani villages in Gafan district. Gazangölü area of Gafan is adjacent to Ordubad. My father worked on a farm and I often went to Gubadli. There were no Armenian houses along the road. There were more than 700 houses and 5000 inhabitants living in Qatar village. We were not allowed to study or work there. There was not a single toponym related to Armenians in the territory of Gafan. During the Soviet era, a 10-year school began to operate in the village of Gighi. There was a church in the Kafshan area. Armenians would write their own inscriptions to claim for the ownership. In 1988, we left all our property behind. We couldn’t bring anything. Orchards were planted. We could only save our lives.”