Chakhmag is a village in the Kars uezd of the former Kars province, later in the former Amasiya (Aghbaba) district, and currently in the Shirak province. The provincial centre lies at a distance of 14 km of the town of Gumru, on the border of Türkiye, and at a height of 1,850 m above sea level.

In the works of Armenian authors the residents of the village were mentioned as “Garapapaglar”. The Garapapags are an ethnographic group of the Azerbaijanis and one of the Turkic tribes. The village was inhabited by 222 Azerbaijanis in 1886, 282 in 1897, 360 in 1908, 406 Azerbaijanis in 1914. In 1918–1920 the Azerbaijanis were deported. They managed to return to their land after Soviet power had been established in the present-day Armenia. The village was inhabited by 82 Azerbaijanis in 1922, 111 in 1926, 89 in 1931, 197 in 1970 and 400 Azerbaijanis in 1987. The Armenian families were removed to the village in 1922. In the summer and autumn months of 1988–1989 the Azerbaijanis were driven out by the state of Armenia. At present, only Armenians live in the village.

The toponym was coined on the basis of the ethronym “Chakhmag” attributed to the Turkish Shahsevan tribe.

The village was renamed “Kamkhut” by the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR dated 3 April 1991. According to the law “On the administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Armenia” dated 7 November 1995, it was integrated into the administrative territory of the Shirak province.

Geographic coordinates: latitude: 40°54′ E., longitude: 43°42’ E.