Barana district was established on December 31, 1937. The center was the city of Barana. The distance from there to Iravan is 187 km.

The territory of the district was historically part of Loru district of Iravan Khanate, and during Tsarist Russia, part of it was included in Borchali district of Tbilisi governorate, and another part was included in Gazakh district of Yelizavetpol (Ganja) governorate.

The name of the district is mentioned in the historical sources as a village and mahal. According to V.V. Radlov, “barana” is a Turkish word, and the Russian word “baran” also came from the language of the ancient Turks. Barana means a place with sheep. Azerbaijani historians connect this toponym with Aggoyunlu and Garagoyunlu tribes.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR dated January 4, 1938, the name of the district was changed to “Noyemberyan” in honor of the establishment of Soviet power in Armenia in November.

Since 1987, the native inhabitants of the district – Azerbaijanis were forced to leave their places of residence. In 1995, the district was abolished and included in the administrative territory of Tavush province of Armenia.