Aghkhach was a village in the Sharur-Daralayaz uezd of the former Iravan governorate, later in the former Pashali (Azizbeyov, Vayk) district, and present-day Vayots Dzor province. It was located 12 km to the southeast of the provincial centre and near the village of Horadiz (Garaduz).

The village was inhabited only by 37 Azerbaijanis in 1831. In 1828–1829 Armenians were removed from Khoy and Salmas and settled in the village which further became ethnically diverse. Along with the Armenians, the village was inhabited by 140 Azerbaijanis in 1873, 195 in 1886, and 242 Azerbaijanis in 1897. The Armenian and Azerbaijani inhabitants of the village were presented together in the records of the population census of 1904, 1914 and 1916. The Azerbaijanis were displaced being exposed to aggression by Armenian armed units in 1918–1919. After Soviet power had been established in the territory of present-day Armenia, some of Azerbaijanis managed to return to their native lands. The village was inhabited by 12 Azerbaijanis in 1926. In 1928–1929 the Azerbaijanis were forced to flee the village.

The toponym was coined by combining the word “agh” meaning “small, little” in Turkic and the distorted form of the word “arhkaj”, “khach” used to denote “a sheepfold, a yard” in the Azerbaijani. The ancient name of the village was Agharkhaj which was changed to Aghkhach as the time went by.

At present, the village is abolished.