Rahimabad is a village in the Iravan uyezdofthe former Iravan governorate, later in the former Zangibasar (Masis) district, in the present Ararat province. It is located at a distance of 9 km from the settlement of Zangibasar (Masis). Before the formation of the Zangibasar (Masis) district (14 January 1969) it was a part of the Uchkilsa (Echmiadzin, Vagharshapat) district.

The village was solely inhabited by Azerbaijanis: 113 in 1886, 183 in 1897, 131 in 1904, 223 in 1914, 246 in 1916, and 601 Azerbaijanis in 1919. After the massacres committed by Armenian armed groups in late 1919, the surviving Azerbaijani population of the village was forced to emigrate to Türkiye. Then Armenians were settled in the village. After the establishment of Soviet power in the territory of present-day Armenia, the surviving Azerbaijanis were able to return to their ancestral lands. The village was inhabited by 152 Azerbaijanis in 1922, 242 in 1926, 188 in 1931 and more than 500 Azerbaijanis in 1987. According to the decision of the USSR Council of Ministers “On the resettlement of collective farmers and other Azerbaijani population from the Armenian SSR to the Kur-Araz lowland of the Azerbaijan SSR” dated 23 December 1947, the Azerbaijani population of the village was forcibly deported to Azerbaijan in 1949. Some of the deportees were later able to return to their native village. In November-December 1988, about 500 Azerbaijanis living in the village were deported from their historical-ethnic territories by the Armenian state. At present, the village is inhabited by Armenians.

The toponym was coined by combining the personal name “Rahim” and the word “abad” meaning in Persian “many buildings, with all conditions for living”.

By the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR dated 5 February 1978, the village of Rahimabad was removed from the list of settlements and subordinated to the Garagishlag village soviet (a rural council). According to the law “On the administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Armenia” dated 7 November 1995, the village of Hayanist, which also includes the territory of this village, was integrated into the administrative area of the Ararat province.

Geographic coordinates: latitude 40°06’N., longitude 44°22’ E.