Kurud is a village in the Zangezur uezd of the Yelizavetpol (Ganja) province, later in the former Gafan district, and currently in the Syunik province. The provincial centre lies 36 km to the northwest of Gapan, on the banks of the Shotali River, at a height of 1,950 m above sea level. Following the establishment of the Zangezur uezd in Soviet Armenia on 31 August 1921, the settlement was integrated into the administrative area of Armenia.

The village was inhabited by Azerbaijanis: 145 in 1897, 172 in 1922, 185 in 1926, 220 in 1931, 216 in 1939, 356 in 1959, 440 in 1970, 274 in 1979 and 600 Azerbaijanis in 1987. In November 1988 about 500 residents of the village were deported from their historical and ethnic lands by the Armenian government. Currently, the village is inhabited only by Armenians.

The toponym was coined by adding the suffix “-ud” to the word “kur”, which was used prior to written records of the Azerbaijani language to mean “a mountain”, and implies “a mountainous, high, high-altitude village, place of residence”. The Kurud village is located in a high, mountainous place. There is a correspondence between the name of the village and its location.

By decision of the Armenian parliament dated 4 July 2006, the village was renamed “Karut”. According to the law “On the administrative-territorial division of the Republic of Armenia” dated 7 November 1995, it was integrated into the administrative area of the Syunik province.

Geographical coordinates: latitude: 39°16’ N., longitude: 46°07’ E.