Jalaloghlu district was established on September 9, 1930. The administrative center of the district with an area of 635 km² was the city of Jalaloghlu. The Tona River flows through the territory of Jalaloghlu district. The district is surrounded by the Bazum mountain range on one side.

The territory of the district was historically included in the Loru district of the Iravan Khanate, and in the period of Tsarist Russia, it was part of the Borchali District of the Tbilisi Governorate.

The toponym was created based on the name of Amir Muhammad Bey Jalaloglu, a member of the Qizilbash tribe. That village was called the village of Jalaloghlu because it belonged to the emir of the Chepni Turkic tribe, Muhammad Bey Jalaloghlu. It is an anthropotoponym.

Since 1987, the native inhabitants of the district – Azerbaijanis were forced to leave their places of residence. In 1995, the district was abolished and included in the administrative territory of Lori province of Armenia.