Huseynali Khan Qajar

Huseynali Khan Ziyadoglu Qajar was the Khan of Iravan in 1759–1783. Huseynali Khan had children named Gulameli Khan, Muhammad Khan, and Muhammadgulu Khan. Gulameli Khan was the Khan of Iravan in 1783–1785. After the murder of Gulameli Khan, the second son of Huseynali Khan, Muhammad Khan, became the Khan of Iravan in 1785–1805. Muhammad Khan’s mother was from the Shadili tribe of Vedibasar. Muhammad Khan was also the brother-in-law of Kalbali Khan, Khan of Nakhchivan.

Considered one of the rare architectural pearls of the East, the Khan’s Palace or Sardar’s Palace was built by Amirguna Khan Qajar (1605–1625), the Sardar of Iravan, and improved by Huseynali Khan (1762–1783), Khan of Iravan in 1760–1770. In 1791, Huseynali Khan’s son Muhammad Khan (1784–1805) built the Hall of Mirrors and the Summer Palace.

In 1782, Huseynali Khan invited a calligrapher from Tabriz to collect and organize the official documents and personal correspondence of the Khanate. The originals of those manuscripts, which are a valuable source for the history of the Iravan Khanate and the city of Iravan, were collected under the name “Huseynali Khan’s Divan” and made into a book. The only manuscript copy of “Huseynali Khan’s Divan” is currently kept in the State Museum of Armenia. (Manuscript No. 5039/1121).