From the speech of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev during his visit to Kalbajar and Lachin regions

16 August 2021

Basarkechar district is called Vardenis in Armenia, but the actual name of this district is Basarkechar, Goycha region, ancient Azerbaijani land. Basarkechar district was established in the territory of Armenia in 1930. The absolute majority of those living there were Azerbaijanis. Residents of Zod village were also Azerbaijanis. They were deported from Armenia. Only in June 1969, Armenia renamed Basarkechar district to Vardenis. I ask that the name Basarkechar, not Vardenis, be restored to our general lexicon when reports are prepared from this region of Azerbaijan. All other ancient Azerbaijani settlements located in the territory of present-day Armenia should be called by their original names. For example, I have been following the media coverage of the tensions on the Nakhchivan-Armenia border. Our media writes about what is happening in and around the Armenian village of Yeraskh. The name of this village is Arazdayan, and Azerbaijanis used to live there before deportation. Therefore, all ancient, i.e., historical names, must be restored. These names are also available in various books. Therefore, I request that both journalists and the general public use the original names of these places – not Vardenis but Basarkechar district, Basarkechar city.