Farrukh was a village in the territory of the Novo-Bayazid uezd of the former Iravan governorate, later in the former Akhta (Hrazdan) district, and present-day Kotayk province. It was located near the village of Yayji, on the right reach of the Zangi River. The name of the village was marked on the five-verst map of the Caucasus.

The village was previously inhabited by Azerbaijanis. Later, Armenians were moved there and the Azerbaijanis were forced to leave the village. The village was inhabited by 10 Azerbaijanis in 1897. The Azerbaijanis were attacked, massacred or ousted from their historical lands by Armenian armed formations in 1905-1906 and only Armenians began to live there.

The toponym is an antropotoponym and was coined from a personal name. Later, the village was abolished. At present, it lies in ruins.