Eynazir or Ayanzir was a village in the territory of the Zangezur uezd of the former Yelizavetpol (Ganja) governorate, later in the former Mehri (Meghri) district, and present-day Syunik province. It was located 16-18 km to the northeast of Mehri and near the village of Nuvadi. Another name for the village was “Eynazor”.

The village was was solely inhabited by Azerbaijanis: 153 in 1873, 204 in 1886, 163 in 1897, 238 in 1904 and 562 Azerbaijanis in 1914. The Azerbaijanis were attacked, massacred or ousted from the village by Armenian armed formations in 1918. After the establishment of Soviet power in present Armenia, the Azerbaijanis who survived could return to the village. The village was inhabited by 207 Azerbaijanis in 1922, 219 in 1926 and 219 in 1931. Later, it was merged with the village of Nuvadi and abolished. At present, it lies in ruins.

The toponym was coined as a result of the settlement of the Garagoyunlu Ayanzur tribe.