Chambarak district was established on December 31, 1937. Until that date, its territory was included in the Dilijan district. The administrative center of the region, which had an area of 697 km², was the settlement of Qirimzikend, located on the banks of the Getik River, a tributary of the Aghstafachay River. The distance from the district center to the city of Iravan is 125 km.

Chambarak district is surrounded by Murguz and Shahdag ranges. The peaks of Adatepe (2427 m), Chaldash (2743 m), Goshadag (2901 m) are also located in this district.

The territory of the district was included in Goycha and Shamshaddil districts of the Iravan khanate, and during the period of Tsarist Russia, it was included in the Gazakh district of Yelizavetpol (Ganja) governorate.

Since 1987, the native inhabitants of the district – Azerbaijanis were forced to leave their places of residence. In 1995, the district was abolished and included in the administrative territory of Gegarkunik province of Armenia.