Baghchali was a village in the territory of the Aghbaba area (nahiya) of the former Kars province, later in the former Amasiya (Aghbaba) district, and present-day Shirak province of Armenia.

The village was inhabited by 162 Azerbaijanis in 1886, 240 in 1897, 277 in 1905 and 236 Azerbaijanis in 1914. It was within the Provisional National Government of the Southwestern Caucasus or Kars Republic founded in Kars in 1918–1919. As a result of attacks of Armenian armed formations in February 1920, the village was devastated and the inhabitants were displaced. According to the Treaty of Kars in 1921, the village was integrated into Soviet Armenia within the boundaries of the Aghbaba area. Following the integration, the inhabitants of the village moved to Türkiye, and the village was abolished after the Azerbaijanis had been ousted. The village was the summer highland pasture of the people of the Gullubulag village of the Amasiya district. It is in ruins at present.

The toponym was coined by adding the suffix “-li” to the word “baghcha”.