Ali Mehsoun

Ali Haji Zeynalabdin oghlu Rahimov (Ali Mazhoun) was born in 1886 in the city of Iravan. Mollanesraddinchi, poet, publicist took the pseudonym “Mahzun”. An intellectual with high erudition, a talented writer, Ali Mazhoun had shown interest in literature since his teenage years. His works were published in “Molla Nasreddin”, “Mazali”, “Babayi-Amir” magazines, “Iqbal”, “Sadayi-haqq” newspapers, etc.

Ali tried to protect himself by publishing his writings under the signatures of “Mother frog” and “Orphan chick”. On March 25, 1913, Ali Mazhun Rahimzadeh and Asgar Akhundov received permission from the official circles of Iravan for the functioning of Islamic Drama Company. The actors of this company, which united young actors around it, in a short period of time staged the plays such as “Who is to blame?”, “After money”, “Hungry fellows”, “Lovely child”, “Ibrahim bey, or a victim of tyranny”, “Defrauds” and “The End of Misery”.

On January 1, 1917, the collection “Burhani-haqiqat” was published under the editorship of Ali Meshoun and one of the influential intellectuals of Iravan, Hasan Mirzazade Aliyev. The publishing of “Burhani-haqiqat”, which had a literary, political, historical, and scientific direction, was an important event in the socio-political life and literary environment of Iravan. A total of 9 issues of the collection, published twice a month, were published at the “Luys” printing house in Iravan. Ali Meshoun involved various qualified intellectuals living in Iravan and students of Iravan Teacher’s Seminary to cooperate with the community for the purpose of educating the people. In addition to saving its readers from the oppression of ignorance, “Burhani-haqiqat” also explained the happenings in the language of truth, described the true purpose of individual parties and institutions to the masses, showed the forces behind murders, robberies and mass massacres, it also had a mission to prevent the attempts of Armenians to falsify the history of our material and cultural monuments in Iravan.

During the massacres committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis in Iravan in 1918–1920, Ali Meshoun left the city and settled in Azerbaijan, where he worked in various media outlets.

Ali Meshoun died in 1934.