Aghasibeyli was a village in the territory of the Iravan uezd of the former Iravan governorate, later in the former Vedi (Ararat) district, and present-day Ararat province. It was located 15 km to the southeast of the settlement of Vedi, on the middle channel of the Khosrov River, the right tributary of the Vedi River.

The village was inhabited by 100 Azerbaijanis in 1873, 112 in 1886, 142 in 1897, 208 in 1904, 228 in 1914, 13 in 1926, and two Azerbaijanis and 11 Kurds in 1931. At present, the village is destroyed and lies in ruins.

It is a patronymic toponym coined on the basis of the multi-generational family name.